Customized Consulting for the Maritime Industry Since 1999

About Locus

Since 1999, Locus has provided dependable administrative support to a broad range of fields from federal emergency preparedness to non-profit educational establishments such as Maritime Pilots Institute. As the managing entity of MPI, Locus brings extensive experience and insight to support maritime research and consulting services through simulated and real-world scenarios.

Our capabilities include ship modeling, dock and waterway simulation, simulation database development and maritime training curriculum development.

A Record of Performance

Case Study #1

Designed and constructed a 1/25th scale 14,000 TEU manned model containership, waterway and loch system for complex ship maneuvering evaluation.

Case Study #2

Provided simulation-based evaluation for LNG facility Waterway Suitability Assessment including basin design, escort tug assist evaluation and site layout.

Having worked with Locus on several projects, I can attest to their professionalism and 5-star customer service.

Will Fediw Director, Marine and Regulatory Development Venture Global LNG