With state-of-the-art tools and an experienced team of professionals, Locus is able to provide a unique level of expertise.

Maritime Manned Model Design Waterway Locus, LLC
Manned Model Design and Scale Waterway Customization

Scale model research and training in our customizable waterway.

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Maritime Ship Simulation Research Locus, LLC
Simulation-Based Research

Ship and marine facilities feasibility and maneuvering studies.

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Maritime Simulation Ship Model Development Locus, LLC
Simulation Model Development

Hydrodynamic ship model development for Kongsberg simulation.

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Management Maritime Training School Locus, LLC
Management and Administration of Maritime Training School

Administrative support for our multi-campus training school in Louisiana (Maritime Pilots Institute).

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Maritime Ship Simulator Design Consulting Locus, LLC
Simulator Design Consultation

Simulator acquisition, installation, and management support for pilot groups. 

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Maritime Curriculum Development Locus, LLC
Curriculum Development

Customized continuing education for ship pilots. 

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