Maritime Ship Simulation Research Locus, LLC

Simulation-Based Research

Locus provides custom maritime simulation and modeling to support simulation-based research for port infrastructure improvement projects with a special focus on ship maneuvering.  Past projects include simulation and modeling support for LNG import/export facility Waterway Suitability Assessments (WSA) and Tug Escort Standards of Care for waterway transits of LNG vessels. Locus works with vessel designers, owners and naval architects to develop accurate hydrodynamic ship models for use in interactive simulations.  We develop virtual environments for waterway development, maneuvering basins, channels, fairways and approaches to facilities including the provision of vector current fields using the DHI Mike 21 environment model and other custom hydrologic models. We also provide management of simulation research projects, coordination with the local ship pilots and tug operators, and produce technical reports and presentations to assist in the successful permitting of waterway developments.